Have something to offer, yes, but you don’t need to be better than the best you can be right now, that’s my job as your woman, your other half, to get you there. I’m more than happy to fall in love with you & help make you the person you need to be. I’ll be your strength to meet your potential because I like the person you are, but I am more in love with the person you have the upmost potential to be.

Thats one Lucky Man

Whenever I find him lmao

starksterr asked:

First name: ANA Nickname: COLOMBIAN KHALEESI Age: 21 Gender: WOMAN Sexual Orientation: NO REASON NO LABEL ANYTHING, YOU ARE YOU Nationality: AMERICAN/COLOMBIANA Relationship Status: (honestly no clue, you have lots of different. worthy, lucky suitors) Likes: WINE, COCAINA , MARY JANE, DOGS, GUNS, SITTING ON FACES, WEEKND, STARKSTERR Dislikes: (no clue, u seem like such a strong, positive person with no contempt) Random Fact: YOU STILL MY LESBIAN BFF (only hope the feeling is mutual)

Lol I’m barely 21 & I’m French & Colombian but pretty much just French American so yeah, seems pretty damn accurate..

you’re sick? I’ll make soup. you’re down? I’ll encourage you. you lost your faith? let me lead you to Him. you’re stressed? let me ride you.

Anonymous asked:

how do you eat pussy



slow, passionately, softly, I put soul into every lick, I suck gently, tongue warm, I write poetry between her legs, my lips wet with her cum kissing her clit. I make it an art. fuck that fast tongue flicking, you have to make love to it.

Holy fuck a thousand words, anasamazing you should be a lesbian sex educator or something.